Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Bag Project

In Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
In Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan with pages, Kronos is back in one piece and this time he's certain to win with the Gods distracted by Typon, a hundred headed beast. Percy gathers all the Demigods willing to fight Kronos's massive army. In the end Percy manages to defeat the Titan Lord's army and peace is restored to Mt. Olympus.

My Props
Picture of a dove: Represents peace in Mt. Olympus when the Titans are defeated

Submarine: Represents Rising Action, Kronos is rising to power

Warrior: Represents Percy, he is strong, courageous, and brave

Rock: Represents Tyson, Percy's Cyclopes brother, he is strong and bold

The picture of an owl: Represents Annabeth, she is wise like her mother Athena

Picture of the Empire State Building: The Empire State Building is where the battle takes place

White Flag: Represents the Resolution, the Titans are defeated

The Horseman: Represents the conflict, the Titans are at war with the gods.

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